Sunday 3 May 2009

EuroFed Armoured Regiment

I managed to complete the remainder of my EuroFed armoured company for Iron Cow today.

The tank squadron comprises of 15 delightful Monsabert MBT's and a Tassigny Command APC from Brigade Models. Whilst 15mm SF is in "vogue" at the moment, you can't really beat lining up large numbers of 6mm tanks can you? The Monsabert is a lovely little model with some fantastic detail.

The Monsabert hull provides the basis for the Glorie SPG and I have two artillery batteries (Napoleon's "daughters") of three SPG's and a Tassigny Command APC each. I must confess I didn't like the model when I first saw it, not keen on having the barrel in the 45 degree firing position. However it has grown on me and I am pleased with the end result.

Finally there is the command unit. In Iron Cow the issuing of orders (as well as the jamming of your enemy's) is of paramount importance so a goodly number of Tassigny Command APC's are welcome. To provide some (usually very necessary) protection I have three support variants of the Monsabert which, in addition to a mean looking howitzer, sport some lethal chain guns on the turret (no doubt with infantry and VTOL attacks in mind).

If there is one gap in the Brigade range it is VTOL's. Tony says he's no good at sculpting them (!), fortunately I have some old GZG ones knocking around who will have to be press ganged into EuroFed use. Unfortunately, nice though they are, there is not a lot of variety in the GZG range (most are variants off a couple of hull designs), so if anyone knows of any alternative sources I'd appreciate it.


  1. Hmm
    BattleTech have a few that are worth looking at. Also, they're out-of-production now but the Babylon5 range (GROPOS I think) had a nice VTOL model

  2. Yeah, that GROPOS is very nice if you can get your hands on one.

    Love the EuroFeds mate - great GEV style combat vehicles!