Sunday, 22 May 2022

The War of the Eight Year: Sea Peoples Archers

As I started work on a new project (more on this soon) I realised I hadn't posted pictures of the last unit (for the time being) of my Chariot Rampant Sea People's Army...

Like the rest of this army the miniatures are from Newline Designs and block painted before being given a Soft Tone "dip". This is my first "all metal" army that I've painted in a log time.

Th Archers takes my Sea Peoples up to 30 points. I have some unpainted Sherden that can take them up to 36 points and will also be able to fight as mercenaries with my New Kingdom Egyptians (when I find them!)

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

The War of the Eight Year: Sea Peoples Light Infantry

Some cannon fodder for my Chariot Rampant Sea Peoples army - two units of Light Infantry (Foot Yeoman in Lion Rampant speak) from Newline Designs...

The miniatures are very similar to the Spearman thought these are unarmoured, but painted up nice using the same block paint and Soft Tone dip approach as used on the previous miniatures.

Just some archers to finish off and they'll be ready to go off and ravage the Hittite Empire...

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

The War of the Eight Year: Sea Peoples Spearmen

Backing up the chariots for the Sea Peoples the first two units of foot - some Spearmen (in Chariot Rampant terms, Foot Serjeants in Lion Rampant).

Again these are Newline Design miniatures, block painted and "dipped" with Army Painter Soft Tone dip (painted on if truth be told).

I've started switching to 2x2 four man sabots as experience with other sizes has demonstrated some lack of flexibility in games, Thinking hat maybe I should go with less regular designs for Bronze Age types and use these for later drilled units but most Ancients gamers seem to have their troops quite regularly formed...

Monday, 16 May 2022

Sharp Practice: Presente su tarjeta de llamada...

Phil asked Andy and I if we'd fancy teaming up against him to try out a scenario he'd come up for, for a future Lardy Day, so we headed back to the valley of the three Cojones to the estate of El Hombre de Del Monte!

With El Hombre away on business, his younger, vivacious wife, El Bella Donna de Del Monte, invited the commanders of the armies in the valley to "present their cards". Both being admirers of El Bella Donna, the Spanish and French commanders agreed to a local truce and met the Spanish lady in her boudoir!

Outside a group of French infantry maintained a discrete guard near the Villa Del Monte.

With a unit of Spanish Cazadores doing similar, a reasonable distance away from the French.

In the boudoir harsh words were spoken and the Spanish commander challenged his French counterpart to a duel, much to the amusement of El Bella Donna de Del Monte!

A swift lunge by the Spaniard drew first blood...

But a quick riposte saw the Frenchman wound his opponent!

Outside more French troops arrived to supplement their commander's guard (in reality both commanders were attempting to surreptitiously gain control of the area by moving troops up under the truce).

Similarly a formation of Spanish Fusilieros arrived from the opposite side of the estate.

More French troops appeared in the valley, first one unit of Voltigeurs...

Followed by a second. The truce between the troops however was holding as the foes glared at each other, oblivious to the swordplay in the boudoir!

Whilst the truce meant neither side was going to fire on their opponents, this did not preclude a bit of fisticuffs and the Cazadores decided to rush the French guard who had taken up station in the Villa grounds...

Punches were swung, musket butts used and the French were forced back, two of their men knocked unconscious and rendered hors de combat...

Meanwhile a second round of duelling commenced in the boudoir, with both officers being wounded in the first flurry of blades...

The French commander taking a second wound following an expert thrust! The sight of so much blood had El Bella Donna all aquiver!

Seeing the Commander's guard had been roughed up, the French Fusiliers marched to their aid...

Whilst the Spanish moved a unit of cavalry into the valley.

Suddenly in the boudoir El Bella Donna's mother-in-law, El Cruella de Del Monte appeared, drawn by the sound of swordplay upstairs!

Incandescent with rage El Cruella attacked her promiscuous daughter-in-law, killing her in the process!

The sound of El Bella Donna death scream meant that the gloves were off outside and the truce was now over with the French moving up to engage the Spanish to try and capture the Villa...

However first blood went to the Spanish as the Cazadores poured a volley into the remnants of the Commander's guard killing four Frenchmen...

Forcing the two survivors fleeing back down the road towards safety.

In the boudoir the duel continued with expert Spaniard causing another wound on the Frenchman...

Before a swift lunge ran the French commander through killing him!

Outside the Villa the French reinforcements split into two groups to try and catch the Cazadores in a pincer move. Unfortunately for the first French group they walked into a Spanish volley...

Killing three Frenchmen and forcing the group to fall back with Shock.

Desperate to gain the Villa, one of the units of Voltiguers charged into the courtyard in an attempt to dislodge the Cazadores. Whilst some of the sky-blue coated Spanish light troops fell to the French musket fire they stood resolutely.

Outside the Fusileros charged down the road towards the second group of French Fusiliers...

Only to be beaten to the punch by the Spanish horse who charged in on the unfortunate French!

Whilst four horsemen were unseated, six of the French infantry fell to the Spanish cavalry...

Breaking the survivors and causing them to flee. 

This saw the French force morale plummet to zero and victory was mine and Andy's!

Despite the fact I did very little in the game (other than move my Fusilieros up the road) this was a fun scenario to play, I suspect Phil will tweak a few things before its public outing but I am sure it will prove to be an enjoyable scenario to play.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

The War of the Eight Year: Sea Peoples Light Chariots

Now as Chariot Rampant is not called Ox-Cart Rampant(!) my Sea Peoples needed to have some chariots in their arsenal and like the Ox-Carts these models were purchased from Newline Designs in one of their twice a year sales.

As with the Ox-Carts the models were base coated and subjected to Army Painter Soft Tone dip apart from the horses which were just given a heavy drybrush over a black undercoat. I've still to decide on how to make the reins (foil tube? PVA soaked cotton? paper?) but that will not stop them taking the field against George's Hittites next month...

Saturday, 14 May 2022

The War of the Eight Year: Sea Peoples Ox-Carts

You may vaguely recall that one of my Cunning Plans for 2020 was to paint up the Foundry New Kingdom Egyptian army I'd bought to play Chariot Rampant (a late Bronze Age supplement for Lion Rampant that appeared in the pages of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy).  However the impact on Covid on gaming in 2020 and 2021 meant that the project did not happen and the miniatures languished somewhere on Lead Mountain (though I did make up one chariot with much swearing). Fast forward to 2022 and discussing possible new period projects for Rebels & Patriots or Lion Rampant with George we did remember our Bronze Age plans and resolved that George would paint up his Hittites and me, my Egyptians for some battles this spring. A slight crimp in the plan was I have somehow mislaid the Egyptians (I know...) but fortunately in a fit of retail silliness I had subsequently bought a Sea Peoples army off Newline Designs in one of their sales for a second force and being able to find that I have over the last couple of months painted it up for the planned game at the start of June.

I confess I know little about the Sea Peoples beyond reading the Osprey on the subject and probably could not tell the difference between a Ekwesh and a Tjekker ,but for a small project it doesn't really matter too much (though I do know, according to Osprey, that the 'feathered' headdress is associated with the Peleset, Denyen and Weshesh peoples, whoever they are). The main reason I wanted the Sea Peoples for a second Chariot Rampant army though was the ox-carts! In an era of glamorous Ferrari speedy light chariots there was something about the ungainly ponderous ox-carts that appealed...

The Newline Design models are pretty decent, good value and fit in nicely with Foundry models (that I have mostly temporarily mislaid), the sculpting may be a bit plainer but they paint up nicely using a block painting and Soft Tone dip approach. For Chariot Rampant I only need two chariots/carts for a unit but I decided to paint up all three that come in the Newline pack.

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Scenery Bits & Bobs...

Alongside the 6mm tanks I've been painting up odd bits of scatter scenery for 28mm games...

First up here is a resin roadside shrine from Grand Manner purchased in their recent "unpainted" sale. I've wanted on of these to use as a deployment point or bit of scenery for my Sharp Practice Italians and am pleased with how it painted up. Unfortunately the model had a prominent mould line on the upper surface of the stone plinth that proved a bugger to remove, however a coat of PVA glue which I then painted over came to the rescue...

Next up are some resin standing stones that I picked up from Fantasy Forge some three decades ago. Aside from being useful as scatter scenery I thought they'd make great ambush points for Infamy, Infamy! if I ever get around to playing it...

Unfortunately a fifth stone went AWOL and only turned up after I'd painted these four so the challenge now is to remember how I painted these ones!.

Finally a couple of sign posts from one of Mantic's Terrain Crates. The plastic is a bit soft but they paint up nicely due to the well defined detail. I based one up for the dusty plains of Spain or Mexico or somewhere, and one for more Northern climes (I did consider painting locations of them but then told myself to stop being silly!)

Sunday, 8 May 2022

ColdWar '58: US M59 Mechanised Infantry Company

The advent of 3D sculpting and printing has led to the various 'rare' APC's being made available by enterprising sculptors - such as the M59 armoured personnel carrier, the US Army's frontline battle taxi from 1954 to 1961, which I needed several of for my ColdWar '58 project.

I was having trouble sourcing a model but David Manley came to the rescue finding this STL from Daritus on Thingiverse. Jim at Bristol Independent Gaming printed a bunch off for me.

As with the other US AFV's the models are painted basic olive drab with the I-94 Enterprise white star decals providing some relief from the green. Whilst quite basic (and not too dissimilar to the M113 that replaced it) I am really pleased with these boxy little models, just need to get on with the infantry to go with them...

Saturday, 7 May 2022

ColdWar '58: US M48 Patton Tank Company

Backing up the US M103 heavy tank company in ColdWar '58 is this company of M48 Patton medium tanks, more ResinHistoricals 1/285th miniatures... :-)

As with the M103's they are basic US olive drab with I-94 Enterprises decals and hand painted company markings on the gun barrel.

I'd forgotten how quick and  fun painting up 6mm was - the only problem is it's quite addictive! :D

Friday, 6 May 2022

ColdWar '58: US M103 Heavy Tank Company

As previously stated, one of the attractions of late '50's cold war gaming are the heavy tanks and for the Americans that means the M103... In 1958 the US Army had consolidated some of its M103's in the 2nd Heavy Tank Battalion, 33rd Armoured Regiment, replacing its original M103's with M103A1's borrowed from the USMC the following year.

US organisation is a bit fluid at this time with initially a heavy tank company comprised of three tank platoons before switching to five tank platoons (along USMC lines) - with the Fort Benning training battalion having four tank platoons! To start I have gone with a company comprised of 5 three tank platoons plus two company command tanks which gives me the flexibility to switch to a 3 five tank platoon company if I want (that is the organisation of the medium M48 tanks!)

The models are 1/285th 3D prints from ResinHistoricals. I may be beginning to sound like an advert for them but they are great and just 60p a model. Like the British and Soviets, US tanks are over green but the I-94 Enterprises star decals and company markings on the barrels contrast nicely (not 100% sure about the company markings but some US Army units used barrel rings in Vietnam so I decided to go with that - and it helps you see the impressive length of the 120mm cannon).