Saturday 18 April 2009

Shiver Me Timbers!

Took a bit of a break from painting today as the postman delivered a large parcel this morning! :-) Inside was the Mega Bloks Black Pearl which I spent most of the morning messing with around on the floor, sticking it together and then breaking it apart (then sticking it together so "SWMBO" could see it then breaking it apart!).

What's this got to do with wargaming you cry?! Well I'd been looking for some suitable ships to use in Strange Grogge, but as true to scale models would be ridiculously big and most kits are too small scale wise I'd almost given up on the idea until I spotted this game at Salute...

The models being used, with 28mm scale miniatures, are from the Mega Bloks Pirates of the Carribean line (Mega Bloks if you don't know is a company that produce Lego-like models, usually cheaper and IMHO having made a number through Saul's childhood, as good as, if not better...). The one above is (I think) The Flying Dutchman, but inspired by this game I hunted the Black Pearl and a generic Pirate Ship down on eBay, paying under a tenner for both.

This is a project for later in the year, but as I have now amassed a substantial collection of fantasy pirates from Black Scorpion, Olley's Armies, Fortress Figures, Rackham (to name a few) we'll soon be sailing the Seven Seas on Bleaseworld!

1 comment:

  1. looks good man. Bloomin' good idea is that. They look just about right and nice n' fantasy enough for it.
    I keep meaning to try Strange Grogge. I have had the rules for ages, but haven't got any pirate minis.
    However, I might just try it with some FLQ minis (ones in Tricornes) just to get the flavour from it.