Tuesday 7 April 2009

Monster Island

Just finished reading Monster Island by David Wellington, a zombie story set in modern day New York. I must say I quite enjoyed it even if, (disregarding the zombie aspect), it is somewhat far fetched with a gang of Somali girl soldiers and a UN weapons inspector sailing a trawler from East Africa to the US to try and acquire AIDS drugs from the UN building in zombie infested New York.

The story is written in alternate chapters in the first person (for the UN weapons inspector) and the third person (for a zombie eye view) and rattles along quite nicely. Some fun touches such as the zombie pigeons and the mummies in the museum that also come back to life along with the other dead.

It does have some "fantasy" elements that might annoy zombie purists (yes, I know how silly that sounds)  but has some excellent ideas gamers looking to put on some zombie games, whether they are scenarios or just some cool concepts.

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