Sunday 19 April 2009

Monster Planet

Several years later... Just finished Monster Planet, the third in David Wellington's zombie trilogy. Set twelve years after the initial two volumes, Monster Planet is a bit of a disappointment. 

It starts off really well with the surviving Somalia heroines of the first book and the daughter of the UN weapons inspector flying a Mil-8 helicopter over rampaging zombies crossing Egypt. Indeed the post-apocalyptic/last survivors feel was promising, but the book goes down hill somewhat quickly after that as the action returns to America. 

Whilst there are some good scenes, it is increasingly far-fetched with too much emphasis on the magic powers of the undead and too little on zombie brain eating action (I mean who wants their undead turning people into mushrooms? We want them eating brains!). A shame really as the original novel was good and the second had its moments. 

If you read the first two you will undoubtedly end picking up the third to see how it all turns out, just be aware it ain't as good as its predecessors...

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