Tuesday 14 April 2009

EuroFed Mechanised Infantry

The Iron Cow arms race continues apace with the European Federation building up its forces to counter the fascist military of the American Republic!

First off is a mechanised infantry company using Brigade Models' lovely little Tassigny APC's and infantry. The Tassigny is a nice looking GEV APC and one of my favourite models in the entire Brigade line (there is just something about it's boxy look that appeals).

The unit HQ is a variant, the Tassigny Command APC which has a communications dish replacing the hull mounted weapon on the standard APC.

The infantry are Brigade's generic infantry pack and I must say probably the best 6mm SF infantry I have come across (with GZG a very close second). When I built my first Iron Cow armies up fifteen odd years ago using AFV's from GZG, Scotia etc, SF infantry were either non-exsitant or very poor. For the most part I used Heroics & Ros modern troops, their insurgents pack regularly getting drafted to various armies causes.

These days we are served with a number of really very good offerings including GZG and Dark Realm.
Unfortunately Brigade only do one pack which is a damn shame as they are very well detailed but not too fussy to paint up nicely with simple use of a black undercoat, some dry-brushing and odd dots of detail.

The infantry platoon pack contains regular troopers, a commander pointing and three different types of heavy weapon and I've decided to use them for EuroFed as I have enough to do a regular infantry company and also a EuroFed Legion one later on.

On a related SF infantry front I have ordered a couple of packs of Dark Realm including their jungle troops which look like they could be useful for English Republic Genetic Infantry (Gen: I) and in a strange turn of fate re-discovered several packs of the (very) old NavWar SF infantry which could well be useful for some Private Military Contractor forces I was planning to raise...

Before that though it'll be back to the EuroFed with a pile of tanks, artillery and close aerospace support currently sitting on the painting table awaiting undercoating.

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