Monday 6 April 2009

AmRep Marine Tank Company

Having painted up some infantry I thought I'd better get some 6mm armour painted up for Iron Cow 2103AD and decided to stay with the American Republic by painting up Brigade Models AmRep Marine Tank Company.

The company comprises of four 3 tank M-82 Boyd MBT platoons and one M-823 Boyd Command Vehicle (yes Tommy, they are named after you!)

Nice models, they required minimal cleaning before undercoating I went with a two colour green over sand camo scheme. I had initially decided to go with something akin to the old US MERDC scheme but after adding the green was happy enough as is.

I haven't added any national markings as yet as I am undecided on how prominent these would be. I also need to get some perspex rod to raise them off the ground slightly as they are grav tanks and should float slightly above the surface.

I now need to hunt out the rest of the US Marine Combat Team which I put away somewhere safely and can't remember where! I am also working on some aerospace support for the Am Rep Marines and hope to get a couple of fighters painted up tonight.

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  1. Very nice Steve! My 6mm SF stuff hasnt seen the light of day for years now, but its still a genre I love.