Wednesday 18 February 2009

SW Warhammer World Trip

So, I hear you all asking, how did the South West Warhammer World Trip go? Well, not being a morning person (some would say not even an afternoon person either) I was not overly happy about getting out of bed at 4.30am. Arriving at the (rather smelly) local GW for 6am (the "dedicated hobbyists" had been playing all night - phew...) we then embarked for Warhammer World (via a rather interesting route coming off the M42 along the M6 and M69 to the M1 rather than just continuing up the M42/A42 to the junction south of Nottingham - sat navs eh?).

We arrived around 10am just in time for Saul and friend Chris to play their first game. The competition was organised between Bristol, Plymouth and Truro stores (they set off 2am!!). The first game was against Space Marines! Unfortunately Saul's half of the army got well and truly hammered, he didn't inflict one casualty and only his Dreadnought (with no functioning weaponry) was still on the board at the end of the game, surrounded by the enemy - but he loved it!

The second game was against a combined Eldar/Tau army which went much better with lots of bloodshed on both sides. Unfortunately the pesky aliens kept firing and retreating which was apparently typically cowardly alien behaviour and meant the Space Marines did not get in close enough to really kick xeno butt (apparently the land speeder would have been a good idea here). Second battle lost - still loved it though!

The third and final game was against a combined Space Marine/Imperial Guard army. Again lots of death and destruction. Saul's right flank was wiped out down to a sergeant and missile launcher, but the left did much better, killing lots of Guard and taking out one unsuspecting Leman Russ with the Dreadnought's multi-melta (Saul had cunningly used his Terminators to cover the advance of his Dreadnought and his opponent was distracted by the Termies ripping his scouts to shreds...). Unfortunately time was an issue and the game wrapped up early so a draw was called, but to be fair if it had gone on another turn Saul and Chris would have been clear winners on kill points (I am not convinced they hadn't won anyway but they decided to call it a draw rather than add it all up - kids!).

Whilst Saul and Chris were rolling D6, I had a few beers (Bugman's XXXXXX is quite nice), bought the Joesph Bugman mini (well two if I'm honest, both the old and new ones), had a poke around, took lots of photos, listened to Jervis' seminar (really two PowerPoint presentations, one on The War of the Ring that provoked no questions and one on forthcoming 40K which provoked lots. The new IG Valkyrie looks lovely and though I don't like the concept, the new ratling snipers are a lovely set of sculpts).

Arriving back in Bristol at 9pm it was a tiring day, but Saul had had a great time which was the whole point of the exercise.

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