Tuesday 10 February 2009

Dwarf Assassins

Well I should have been off to windy Paris today, but Air France have cancelled my flight so I thought I'd post a picture of Saul's dwarf assassins instead...

Saul came up with the concept for the assassins, presenting me with a sketch of one he did during a geography lesson at school (quite!). I thought it was a pretty cool idea so decided to convert some of the GW plastic dwarves for him with the judicious application of Green Stuff! Oddly, whilst I prefer the models in the current box, the previous release is much more useful (and easier) to convert, so these models are mix of current and old plastics (they are quite easy to pick up on eBay). One is armed with a crossbow, one with a brace of pistols and one with a long musket complete with scope and leather silencer!

Saul loves them and though they are not an official unit by any stretch of the imagination, they have been used to great effect in battles at the local GW store, especially the sniper...

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