Monday 9 February 2009

Ogre Mercenary Slayers

Ok, first post, umm... Bit of a test this one to get the ball rolling!

My son, Saul, is the proud owner of a slowly growing Dwarf army for WHFB. As Warhammer armies go, it's pretty good for a novice, the troops being hard, tactics limited (hit it with an axe) and the models easy to paint. At his local GW his army did come a cropper against some Ogres which (unsurprisingly) led to a call for an Ogre Kingdoms army! A compromise was reached when we realised Ogres could be a mercenary ally choice...

Not one to do what the instructions say (or as wife Karen says, not one to read the instructions!) I wanted them to look unique and indulging my fascination with Green Stuff (and the fact the GW Ogre models are great for conversions) I hit on the idea of having a unit of Ogres who wanted to be slayers!

Now for a long time I have hated the GW slayer concept (it's the Italicorange hair...), but having read some of the Gotrek & Felix stories I was coming round to the idea, although Saul's army only has the one that came with the Skull Pass set.

Anyway, long story short, I started to convert some Ogre bulls using some spare axes from the Black Orc plastic set (with Orc iconography removed) and Green Stuff mohicans. The bull poses are pretty sedate so some green stuff work was required on the muscles, especially the two waving their axes. I got fed up with sculpting the mohicans so one stayed bald (with dyed moustache and hair lock), the other - in a blatant homage to Snorri from the Gotrek books - has iron nails driven in his skull (pins nicked from the wife's sowing box).

I tried to ape the GW colour for Ogres but it is a bit greyer than I wanted and it looked rather boring, consequently I painted on some blue tattoos as per the Storm of Chaos book (which contains a Dwarf Slayer army, umm...).

They were favourably commented upon at the local GW when they made their debut, but got too far ahead of the rest of the army and went down after some bad dice rolls to some Lizards. Ho hum...

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