Wednesday 11 February 2009

Ignian Troopers

One of the current projects being worked on by Wessex Games is The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison. The rules and background are based on Wagames Supply Dump's Dick Garrison range of Golden Age SF miniatures sculpted by Bob Olley.

Mike Baumann is enthusiastically working away on the rules, which have grown to such an extent that there are now two (or is that three?) supplements planned! The background includes a number of races (some, but not all, made by W.S.D.) ruled by the evil despot Khang the Compassionless. These include the Ignians, a race of dwarfen magma miners who populate the volcanic world of Ignia.

The Ignians fall under the "not made by W.S.D." label, so I had to hunt out some suitable proxies. This wasn't too hard as Olley's Armies have recently released some Scrunt Inquisitors (Scrunts being their Space Dwarves). Sculpted by Bob, they fit in with the W.S.D. style perfectly and look suitably 'Golden Age'.

Unfortunately Mike has told me that he has had to cut them from the main rulebook (!) but they will be in the first 'Return To Khanopia' supplement. Whatever, they are lovely miniatures and were an absolute joy to paint. I'll have to pick up the other two packs sometime...

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  1. Thanks for the tip-off! Looking at Bob's amazing range of Scrunts they are pretty much all suitable for some retro sci-fi fun! I hope this new set rules will also encompass Killer B's GAFDOZ range (