Thursday, 19 February 2009

Khanopian War Robots

Back to Dick Garrison with two of W.S.D.'s wonderful Khanopian War Robots.

I'd been puzzling over what look to give them and stumbled on this completely metallic one purely by accident, indeed technically I haven't finished painting the models as the original intention was to paint the main body work red to tie in with the Khanopian Troopers. However having got to this stage I felt they looked really good (the photos doesn't really show the antique bronze off to best effect) and stopped.

On a related note I have finally managed to get hold of a copy of Flash Gordon Trip To Mars which was not released when Space Soldiers and Conquers The Universe was on Region 2 DVD. It has subsequently been bundled as a complete collection with the first and third adventures but I was not particularly happy with having to buy 2/3rds of something I already own to get it. Thankfully I found a copy on eBay that had no region coding so am a happy bunny. More thoughts when I've had a chance to watch it...


  1. Have just finished Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers today and have started Buck Rogers.

    After that it's on to Flash Gordon Trip To Mars!

    The robots look great, by the way :)

  2. Looking good - the metalics work well. These are fantasic miniatures.