Saturday, 4 August 2018

Outremer: Frankish Warband I

A rummage in the attic at Blease Towers looking for a Coolbox at the behest of SWMBO led to the re-discovery of a tin full of (very) old Citadel Norman infantry (the slottabase tabs say 1985). They are mainly infantry with a number of duplicates and whilst there doesn't appear to be enough of anything other than unmounted knights for use in Saga, there is enough useful models for Outremer!

So I have based up eight and undercoated them to make a Frankish warband to go alongside my Saracen one...

I won't need all the models for a 750 Livre warband but what I have pulled out the tin gives me some options to play with.

1 comment:

  1. I will follow "Ouremer" quite closely and will wonder if I can make this a fully western Europe game. (Nothing against Saracens, Egyptians and Turks etc but I know what my club would prefer!)