Monday 22 June 2015

Shadows Over Normandie

I'd completely forgotten that I'd pledged for Shadows Over Normandie, the Cthulhu mythos spin off of Devil Pig Games (backed but unplayed) Heroes Over Normandie boardgame (I have to confess being excited when it arrived but found the rulebook incomprehensible). Devil Pig were checking addresses for shipping today, so I'm going to have to get my act sorted out as it looks it really looks amazing...


  1. Looks excellent...HoN's rule book is a bit confusing on the first couple of readthroughs but stick with's an excellent game. Playing the scenarios through in order helps.

  2. I find the rulebook really easy to understand. make sure you have the 1.2b version which is available free as a download but you are missing out on a great game if you haven't played it for that reason: )

    St Mere Eglise and Carentan scenario packs are on the way !! :)