Saturday 6 June 2015

Iron Cow 2136AD: FIBUA

I was having a bit of a tidy up today and found an unmade box of Hawk Wargames Cityscape cardboard city terrain sat in a box, one of those impulse eBay purchases I used to make. Although scaled for 10mm I thought it would work well enough for 6mm when taking into account bases and the larger size of SF vehciles compared to historical ones etc, so bought it for Iron Cow (and maybe some Epic, found a few boxes of that as well).

HAving a good look at it today, the card looks pretty good and the buildings are designed as one piece fold together constructions that even just folded they are pretty rigid, though they will a dab of glue to make them gaming friendly. You also get several double sided one foot square streets to place the buildings on, which also look pretty good. Overall, even for the RRP of £30, this is a good purchase for 6/10mm SF wargamers - it would look awesome with Mechs walking down the street!

I have noticed Hawk do a Ruinscape set, not quite the blasted ruins I expected, but possibly a useful secondary purchase, in some respects it looks better than the more pristine Cityscape.

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  1. I hadn't twigged that Ruinscape and Cityscape were two separate products. I think it'll look cool with 6mm, I look forwards to pics.

    I think Hawk should produce 15mm versions of these buildings, they'd likely be pretty successful.