Saturday 27 June 2015

Orc Warfare

Having a bit of credit on Wargame Vault I decided to buy the PDF edition of Osprey's new Orc Warfare book. Unlike the Kindle edition it is a straight reproduction of the paper edition and does look very, very nice.

I have only had a quick flick through it, the book takes the popular fantasy race and gives them a military and cultural analysis. Whilst it would have been amusing for Osprey to copy the Men-at-Arms approach, it is nicely illustrated and laid out being split into four main chapters, the first dealing with Orc physique and breeds (Hill Orcs, Forest Orcs, Desert Orcs etc), the second troop types (Beserkers, Ironbacks, Chariots etc), the third strategy and tactics and the fourth Orc victories.

There is a lot in here for fantasy gamers who are not spoon-fed and prepared to adapt the rules and army lists they use. As a long term Orc fan I will be drawing on this book to expand my WHFB Orc and Goblin army with some new additions...

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