Saturday 30 August 2014

The Yan'drassi Invasion

After their successful Chuhuac (15mm Space Raptors) Kickstarter, Loud Ninja Games are back with a new 15mm SF one in the form of The Yan'drassi Invasion!

Whilst I was happy with the Chuhuac miniatures I was less happy with the import duty and Post Office fees I ended up paying as well, which added almost 50% to the bill. Consequently I wasn't going to back the latest venture, much as I like what Eli at Loud Ninja does and the concepts he comes up with.

However they have addressed this and all EU backers will have their Yan'drassi pledges shipped from Scotland avoiding any import costs, so I have decided to support the venture as I like the idea of a multi-race alien army. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with them (I have plans for the Chuhuac) but I do have a filing drawer of old Laserburn and Traveller figures sat around and Gruntz looks fun...

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