Thursday 14 August 2014

Thane Tostig: The New Adventures!

Last year I picked up a copy of the long oop Minot Thane Tostig fantasy rules and was quite taken by the background and the skirmish level size of the game. I did at the time moot the idea of using modern day figures as proxies but decided to check the availability of the original old Minot miniatures. Whilst they do come up on eBay periodically, they are not exactly cheap, so I have gone back to plan A.

The adventurers should be easy enough to find suitable miniatures from the likes of Gripping Beast and I have lots of plastic and metal skeletons that I can use, the problem was finding something for the Sprites. In the end I have decided that there is nothing quite like them so have decided to do with something quite unique in their own way - Brigade Model's Celtos Formorian Orcs.

True they do not look like the Minot Sprites, but they certainly don't look like the GW/Tolkienesque Orcs that saturate the market and have an old faerie/Celtic look to them, perfect for the Dark Age setting of the background. I'm thinking about painting them an extremely pale, almost albino, white flesh. An order went off today*...

Rules wise the idea is to use the forthcoming Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Hold create your own adventure rules, the game seems to be ideal for the kind of dungeon / underground tomb / haunted woodland adventures I have in mind.

* I also ordered a pile of aeronef models so there should be lots of VSF goodness in a few weeks...

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