Sunday 31 August 2014

Soviet Storm: WWII in the East

I caught the second half of the second part of Soviet Storm: WWII in the East on H2 channel yesterday lunchtime. About the 1942 Siege of Sebastapol, it was more interesting than most documentaries of its type in that it was Russian produced and had a lot more information about the Soviet side than normal.

H2 have episodes 7 to 10 on this week, but is seems that they are missing out a number of them as there are 18 in the series. Fortunately You Tube is our friend as it looks like they have all been posted there, here is episode 1:


  1. I've been a fan of the show since the first series. It's a shame it is tucked away with the fringe nonsense H2 seems to prefer, it deserves an audience.

  2. This a great show, which I agree should get more airtime. The work put into this demonstrates how history programmes should be made.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, just watched the first episode, pretty good stuff! Ill have to watch them all now!