Friday 22 August 2014

Land Ironclads: Aurorean Martian Contraptions I

Back to Mars as I try and finish off the remaining models for the Belgian Land Ironclads supplement. Following on from the trial models painted in January, I have bought a pile more models from Irregular and have painted up another couple of bases of Martian Camros contraptions using the Irregular IKSF11 Alien Scout vehicle model. I really like these designs and would love to see them made in 6mm as well as 2mm.

I forgot the exact colours I painted the original base but think I cracked it (Iraqui Sand over Red Leather wash for reference). The slight difference is, I think, due to using a white undercoat this time, not black. Here are all three bases ready to bash the Belgians!

Painting Target: 475/1000

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