Monday, 15 August 2022

ColdWar '58: Soviet Tank Division Recce Battalion Elements

Following playing my first Cold War Commander game set in my Cold War '58 background, I was rather inspired to paint up some more of the miniatures sat languishing around, especially some Soviets to add to the T-55 and T-10 tank companies I had.

First up were some Recce elements starting with a platoon of PT-76's from Butlers Printed Models. Whilst the models are slightly rougher than the Resin Historical ones, as the Resin Historical don't have PT-76's in their range I was restricted in choice. 

I think I have got the unit composition wrong here as I was working off one of the MicroMark lists which states five PT-76's to a platoon in a recce company, whereas Bruce Rea-Taylor in his Modern Army Lists and Organisations for the 1950's and 60s' says platoons should have three. I'll pick up a sixth model at some time and go with Rea-Taylor as three to a platoon fits in with other Soviet organisational approach.

I also painted up a BTR-40 platoon with command vehicle with bases of infantry. The BTR's are Resin Historical who oddly only do the AA version not the basic model, though it was easy enough to remove the AA mount. 

The infantry are Heroics & Ros, which I painted Flames of War Yellow Green rather than the Khaki Grey the basic infantry were getting done as I think that gave a nice hint of the camp suits recce troops would most likely be wearing.


  1. Excellent! I do like your basing and montage of figures / vehicles

    1. Cheers Jim, trying to keep a consistent clean look that works.