Saturday, 11 December 2021

War of Liberation: 4/1° Fanteria di Linea, 2/4° Fanteria di Linea & 4/4° Fanteria di Linea

This week I managed to complete the Italian 1° Brigata 15° Divisione which served in Germany in 1813 under the command of Generale di Brigata Philippe André Martel (below)...

The 4/1° Fanteria di Linea and 2/4° Fanteria di Linea who were around 500 men each so I have represented them with three bases each...

The figures are all 6mm Grumbler Miniatures and are a joy to paint.

The 4/4° Fanteria di Linea had less than 500 men at this time so are represented by just two bases.

I also painted up a couple of bases of Volteggiatori to signify skirmish screens when deployed...

Next up is the 2° Brigata which is largely formed up of light infantry from the 1° Reggimento Fanteria Leggera so will make a nice contrast in their green uniforms.

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