Thursday 22 July 2021

Peninsular War: Fucilieri 4° e 5° Fanteria di Linea

After my initial Sharp Practice games using the attack column against Andy I began to ponder how having two attack columns would work... I have pencilled out an 85 point list but it does seem a bit light on the command front, however tonight Andy and I are planning to play a 110 point doubles game against Phil and Jenny so I had the excuse to paint up some more Perry Miniatures Kingdom of Italy Fucilieri.

I added one more group to my unit of three Fucilieri 4° Fanteria di Linea giving me a nice attack column of four groups in campaign dress...

With half a thought towards other projects I could use my KOI troops for (who said Black Powder?!) I decided that 36 fusiliers for the 4th Line was enough and decided to paint my next two groups up as Fucilieri of the 5° Fanteria di Linea who have red facings and green collars.

To create an attack column for the 5th I took my two groups of Coscritti Fucilieri 4° Fanteria di Linea and quickly repainted the facings to match the 5° Fanteria di Linea so I have a slightly neater attack column of the 5th Line.

As you may recall I wasn't entirely confident with the accuracy of the information used when I painted my red-coated drummer for the 4th so I have now transferred him to the 5th (who have red facings) and painted a new white-coated drummer for the 4th (tying in with their red edged white facings). I also painted up a Cantiniere from the Matchlock Miniatures range as she'll be a useful character with the same attributes as the rather useful Holy Man.

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