Thursday 15 July 2021

Five Games That Made Me The Gamer I Am Today: (2) Battles with Micro-Tanks

If I had to name just one set of rules that made me the wargamer I am today it most probably would have to be these, not that I expect many people have heard of them or played them...

2. Battles with Micro-Tanks by Martin J Greenham (1975)

Moving swiftly on from HO/OO I soon discovered the 'Joy of Six'(mil) with fellow six-formers Simon and Graham. As posted a few years ago my first proper wargames army was 6mm WW2 US armour mainly Heroics & Ros with a smattering of Skytrex and the odd Leicester Micro-model. I don't recall where the rules came from but they were the ones we used for the best part of two years of weekend gaming in Graham's garage. 

I fell in love with the percentage based to hit mechanism and used variations of it in my own rules such as Iron Cow and even Flintloque! 

I haven't played 6mm WW2 for decades now but these rules and the games we played with them were the foundation stones on which my hobby is based.

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