Thursday, 31 December 2020

A Cunning Plan (or two...) for 2021!

So here we are once more... Well 2020 was... well it was, wasn't it! Gaming has been a bit hit and miss due to the lockdowns, rules of six and other restrictions but I got a few games in thanks to  Jim and Ellen at BIG and the excellent facilities there (and Ellen's wonderful Covid rules!).  They are a shop that does mail order as well as a gaming venue so please support them in 2021 if you don't already, they do offer nice discounts... Thanks also to George and Andy who have been my main opponents when 2020 allowed! 

So as 2020 comes to a close, what cunning plans do I have for next year? 

Well hopefully to play some games! :D My first cunning plan here is the rescue of the games room. At the beginning of the month I needed to clear it out as we had to have the electric meeting replaced. This was a major exercise (with lots of long lost toys rediscovered!) during which I made the decision to reduce the size of the table from 6'x6' to 6'x4' which makes it easier to walk around and put some storage around it. Hopefully following the festive period I can progress the recovery project further.

Looking at the 2020 Cunning Plan I should probably port it across to 2021, but where is the fun in doing that?! :D Yes I want to crack on with the Mutiny in 2021 and the Malburian First Peninsular War as I have the figures for these, and having done a bit of dabbling with Contrast paints I aim to target by Sharp Practice Italians next month. I have progressed the 'other' Sharp Practice force and will let them out the bag when I slap some paint on therm soon.

A couple of new projects are on the horizon. I was intrigued by the news of Warlord's Epic Black Powder ACW set as I am a sucker for smaller scale stuff and did buy a copy of the new Wargames Illustrated to get a sprue to play with. There is some mumbling of 6mm Napoleonics down BIG using Black Powder so I am tempted to pick up the starter set to check it out, the ACW figures are nice and I reckon two starter sets gets you all you need for some really big battles at a very good price (a regiment being around half the price of the Brigade boxes).

Secondly is the new version of Pony Wars (or B Troop Ain't Coming Back) which gamers long in the tooth may recall being produced by TTG back in the eighties. I've pre-ordered the new version and a small amount of 10mm US Cavalry from Lancashire Games to have a play with. IIRC the original version required a LOT of miniatures but apparently the new edition tells you how to downsize it and it can be played solo which is something to consider depending on how quick the vaccine is rolled out.

Finally Santa brought a copy of Battlegroup NORTHAG which I'm currently reading through and am thinking of using for my 6mm Arab-Israeli and maybe some 6mm WW3 if I can remember where I put that.

I'm sure there will be other things that come along and upset these plans (after all, no plan survives contact with etc) and there is still last year's plan to fall back on! :D

Finally thanks to everyone who reads my occasional ramblings and posts nice comments, they are all appreciated. Have a great, and safe, 2021, ok?


  1. I quite fancy Pony Wars myself, have a great 2021!

    1. You too Ray. You notice I didn't mention Donnybrook (at Sea) or Haiti! :D #thesecretlist

  2. Looking good for 2021 Steve. Happy New Year

  3. HNY Steve! Pony Wars - great game. I'm tempted myself though I did find my original copy the other day. So innovative for its time

  4. Must . . . not . . . succumb to new . . . ACW from Warlord . . .