Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Whatever happens, we have got the Maxim gun, and they have not...

As part of the 'arms race' in our games of The Men Who Would Be Kings, George and I have decided to increase our Field Forces to 36 points, so he can include some natives with pointy sticks on camels, and me some artillery! :-)

My Perry Miniatures order arrived yesterday so I haven't had time to paint up the 9 pounder for tonight's game, but I have painted up (dipped) two Old Glory Maxim on Gun Carriage and crew! I am applying a bit of the 'rule of cool' here and the Hollywood approach to force composition as the Maxim is a bit late for the early Sudan campaigns, but in the game it is just a machine gun so the fact it is more 1897 rather than 1885 won't make any difference gaming wise.

The pack contains two guns and six crew, which is a bit of a pain, as the rules require four crew a gun, but as a Field Force can only contain one artillery piece (cannon or machine gun) I have enough for tonight and will source a couple more miniatures in case the 'arms race' ends up with us trying to re-create Omdurman or something...


  1. These look great, we really like TMWWBK’s

  2. Nice! I had a poster with the same poem on in my history classroom, to motivate the Year 7's.

  3. Great looking models and a lethal addition to your existing troops.