Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Sudan: Bazingers!

Having said I would not be raising specific Sudan theatre forces for The Men Who Would Be Kings, but instead would raise North-West Frontier units that could double up as Imperial units that fought in the Sudan (if you didn't look too closely), you might have noticed in last week's battle report my army contained a unit of undercoated Perry Miniatures Bazingers...

It was all eBay's fault! I'd been looking at various Sudan wargames on the net and was somewhat interested by the Egyptian army, then, lo and behold, there were two packs of irregular Bazingers going cheap on eBay and before I knew it I had won the auction.

They are now painted, and I must say a wonderful bunch of ne'er do well characters they are. For the time being they will be attached to the British army as local allies and I have no immediate plans to raise an Egyptian army for TMWWBK, and I'm staying well away from eBay!


  1. These look great, Steve!

    I used to find great deals on eBay. FAR TOO MANY great deals! Over the last year or so less so... people want so much for stuff or auctions get bit up to crazy high prices (like more than what they would cost new!?) or the shipping has been prohibitive, I'm mostly just stopped looking...