Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Spitfyre: Vulture Squadron takes flight!

I got so engrossed with getting the Spitfyre rules reading for printing, the PDF issued to Kickstarter backers, real work and a nagging toothache that I almost forgot the blog today! But here are the Dwarf air force Stukas, sorry Vulture Dive Bombers! :-)

I had lots of "fun" researching colour schemes for the vultures, who knew there were so many breeds! Word of warning though, Googling vulture images whilst eating your breakfast is not recommended!

I think Darko has done an amazing job on these models, capturing the vibe of the Stuka in a bird! I want one in 28mm now... :-)

If you are interested in checking out the game, Hysterical Games will have a demo of it at Salute on Saturday and have said they will have some stock of the game and first models of the range...


  1. Awesome stuff Steve!
    This project is very cool!

  2. Nice! Have you looked into the Stukasaurus by Eureka Miniatures? I have a trio of them that are languishing in a box somewhere, patiently awaiting their day on teh painting table.

  3. Hey there Steve we were wondering if you would be interested in joining The Talk Wargaming Network, more info here and if you can give us a few pointers/advise into how you got so many content creators into into Blogs Of War.