Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Saga: Invasion of the Half-Painted Vikings

Saga night again this evening down BIG playing against a new, more experienced opponent in the form of Jason with his Anglo-Danes, using my half-painted army...

We played two games and I learnt a few new rules. The Gods of Dice once again smiled favourably on me at critical times and I am learning to use my Battle Board better now, unleashing Ragnarok at the end of the last game wiping out Jason's remaining warriors and taking down his Warlord.

Even using my own figures, my Thrall archers punched above their weight in both games, twice bouncing back melee attacks from the Anglo-Dane warriors, thanks to some good dice and choice Ability benefits.

A lot of fun, one win and one draw. Hopefully I can the army properly painted before their next battle.

I didn't have time to get in a game of What a Tanker! but watched Matt and Jim playing and it look at lot of fun so I signed up to the forthcoming Tanker Day at BIG at the beginning of May.