Thursday, 5 April 2018

Spitfyre: NightFyre!

I need to get the Spitfyre rulebook to Rob by Monday for it to be printed in time for Salute. It's all laid out and just needs the photos done, so I need to pull my finger out with a paintbrush! 

I've started the Orc Air Force SpitFyre and HurriKane wyverns which are all in base painted or wash stage drying on the windowsill at the moment.

However as I has a spare SpitFyre I decided to paint one up as a night fighter dragon, some kind of rarer black skinned breed used to thwart any nefarious Dwarven attacks at night!

There are no night fighting rules in the game as yet, but as the Kickstarter requires a supplement to be produced this might be something to look into...

As he was largely a drybrush up from the black undercoat it didn't take too long to finish him. I have to say I am impressed with the detail on the model, Darko did a great job sculpting them, you can even make out the teeth on the Orc and his thumbs on the twin Vickers guns (remember the models are 10mm scale!)

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