Thursday, 22 March 2018

What A Tanker!

The announcement from the Lardies that What A Tanker! was available for pre-order caused a flurry of excitement today on the BIGHW Facebook page with a lot of gamers expressing an interest and a consensus that 28mm was the way to go (Steve looks forlornly at his beloved 20mm...).

However on the hunt for the Gripping Beast Vikings and Saxons I bought a few years back (I knew I'd find some use for them!) I came across some 1/50th diecast tanks I'd bought over the years including a Corgi Comet, Corgi Churchill and Solido Grant!

As the game can be played with one tank per player I availed myself of the excellent bundle pre-order offer that gives you the rules and tool and token set for £24.08 (compared to the RRP £44.00). Looking forward to this and surprising some of them pesky squarehead tankers with the innocuous looking Comet's 77mm HV gun! :-)


  1. Don't have any WW2 tanks anymore, but I couldn't resist the offer.

  2. Piers Brand and the rest of `The Guild' forum players all play 20mm. Last time I looked I think they were using the PSC `Battlegroup' rules. I have an unused copy in my loft.