Friday, 23 March 2018

Saga: Viking Warband I

So having found my box of Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen I thought I'd crack on making up my warband with a view to seeing if I could get it finished in time for my next game against Rich a week Wednesday.

Although we only played with 4 points first time around I've decided to make a 6 point army so we can move on to some normal size games asap.

I picked up a box of the Dark Age Archers and have decided to initially go with the following:

1 x Warlord
2 x 4 Hirdmen (Hearthguard)
1 x 4 Úlfhéðnar or Berserkir (Beserkers)
2 x 8 Bóndi (Warriors)
1 x 12 Thrall bow (Levies)

I will paint up some of the Dark Age Warrior box as javelins for some interchangeable variety and use in other warbands (as the archers will also do).

Progress so far is, as you can see, limited to snipping the bodies off the sprues and gluing them to 2p bases (decided on after the usual wargamer basing anguish of whether I should go 20mm square so they could be used for other games!)

I've also got to source a decent Warlord (I might use a plastic one to start) and some models for the Beserkers, I do fancy the wolf skin clad Úlfhéðnar if I can find some that fit in with the Gripping Beast plastics...


  1. Good plan..that lot would take me two months (years!) To get painted.

  2. I have something very similar in my loft ;)