Friday, 16 March 2018

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Kazak

No, I'm not sure where the last two and a half months went! Manthrax, work and weather I suppose... Anyway, I have managed to finish my first wargames figures in a long time(thanks to the reading glasses!), the Deathless Kazak for Panzerfäuste.

The figures haven't been released yet, but I managed to sneak some out of Hysterical Games HQ.

The Deathless are the (largely) undead faction in Panzerfäuste with a Russian look. The Kazak are undead cossacks mounted on nightmares, demonic horse-like beasts with flaming manes and tails.

Painting was a challenge but I'm quite happy with the end result, the flames contrasting nicely with the black beasts and dark blue uniformed zombie Dark Elf riders...

An unusual looking unit, but something different, hopefully they'll prove popular with gamers...

Next up a pile of models for Panzerfäuste's sister game Spitfyre! Tally ho!