Sunday 14 September 2014

Mars Attacks: How To Paint Martians

After "Dreadballgate", when Mantic supplied retailers with the Dreadball before Kickstarter funders, I swore I was never going to back another Mantic Kickstarter. Then they ran the Mars Attacks one and I fell hook, line and sinker!

It looks like it might ship to funders in the next couple of weeks in preparation I came across this interesting painting guide from Army Painter, using their Strong Tone ink (not dip) on them (the same stuff I have been using on my 6mm armour).

I thought it was a useful to share it as the technique is quite simple and could be used on other miniatures.

I have tried it on my Orc Highlanders and it looks quite good. Progress on them has been a bit slow today as it has been kilt painting time and that is a lengthy process to say the least...


  1. I have been using Dark Tone varnish recently diluting it down with white spirit. It gives a similar effect to this.

  2. I think I prefer my Martians in more bubblegum pulp colours! Thanks for pointing out the painting guide though.