Wednesday 24 September 2014

Mantic Don't Have A Leg To Stand On...

You may remember me getting a tad annoyed with Mantic over the shipping of the Dreadball Kickstarter almost two years ago, especially their decision to supply retailers before the people who had funded the project. Consequently I suppose it is no surprise that they do it again with Mars Attacks...

This time they claim they are shipping any Kickstarter pledger whose parcel weighs under 4kg now, along with the trade orders*.

What about those whose boxes weigh over 4kg? (ie. the ones who pledged the most amount of money).  Well, apparently there is an issue with the Big Robot in that it has been made with two right legs which causes the delay.

How so? Surely some of the under 4kg pledges include said Big Robot?  Yes they do, and Mantic say they will ship those separately at a later date, having sent the rest of the order this week.

So why can't they do this with orders over 4kg? Well, they say these orders will be shipped by courier (as though that is something special) and they need to go all together as one box.

No, I can't think of one good reason why they cannot ship the big box now (by courier) and the robots as one separate parcel when they arrive with the right (and left) leg.

Mantic have offered to send out over 4kg boxes now sans robot(s) but this will cost you an extra $10.

Not impressed, but not at all surprised. At least this isn't a potential Christmas present I planned to paint up this time.

* and yes I guess some of the trade orders weigh over 4kg but somehow they can be sent...


  1. Oh boy, just buy from the shop in future.

  2. They have to start somewhere... I suspect the under 4Kg boxes will (mostly) be the quickest to pack and give them the space to box up the more complicated orders.

    The trade orders are also likely to be just the core boxes, which should be a case of just grabbing X boxes and sending them on their merry way

    1. That might hold water (ignoring the trade bit) if the only excuse for the 4KG plus being delayed was the robot legs issue (which must impact under 4KG people as well). They've not mentioned logistics as a reason for the delay...

      Regarding the trade, KS is supposed to be a funding operation and it seems reasonable that the investors in a product should get theirs before the general public. Mantic are the only company I have KS'd that do this, everyone else puts the funders first.

  3. On the plus side the big boxes will be coming in one delivery by courier, rather than in several Post Office sized packages, delivered seemingly at random intervals over several days and when postie knows you're not in to receive them... or is that just me that happens to?

    1. I still don't get why we can't have one big box by courier now and then one additional parcel with the robots in by GPO. Mantic have not really explained that...

  4. Not good at all...very disappointing

  5. The Kickstarter thing seemed to be great at the beginning. Now everyone has production problems and delays. Gone off it completely. Sad for gaming, as it seemed to energise everyone.