Friday 26 September 2014

Magyar Steel

Bob Emmerson's Hungarian Tanks Kickstarter has been a resounding success, with numerous new vehicles being made available as the stretch goals tumble - and it still has six days to go!

To help expand my knowledge on the topic I ordered a copy of Mushroom Model Productions book Magyar Steel, which arrived the other day. A print on demand book, the quality is no different from anything you'd buy from Osprey.

With detailed text of Hungarian armour types and use in the war, a plethora of rare photos, 1.35th scale plans and full colour camo artwork, I'd say it is a must if you fancy trying a different looking Axis army rather than the "usual suspects".

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  1. Hi!

    Good luck to your Hungarian project!

    Both is written by leading Hungarian experts, who used German, Russian and Hungarian sources. Szamveber is an army officer working in the Hungarian Army Museum, Ungvary is working for the 1956 Revolution Center. Battle for Budapest is written in a good style, its like Bridge too Far. Szamveber style is a bit dry, but fully packed with facts and information's.

    Greetings from Hungary! :)