Thursday, 5 April 2012

Watch Am Escargot: Les Rostbifs

In between painting orcs I've been making baby steps on the road to Watch Am Escargot and with my head stuck in Sean Longden's Dunkirk: The Men They Left Behind, I decided that it wasn't going to be 1940 with some element of the BEF. Reading that the 51st Division were attached to and fought with the French has led me to picking up some Battlefront BEF in the form of the BEF Infantry Company and BEF 2 Pdr packs (the idea still being to use Zvezda plastic British tanks when released).

Battlefront BEF Platoon (photo Battlefront)
I did look at the Peter Pig BEF first but the website lacked photos of the basic infantry and wanting my BEF to have gas mask pouches I plumped for the Battlefront figures. After ordering them I discovered the Forged in Battle BEF sets which look pretty good but I am happy enough with the Battlefront figures though maybe the Forged in Battle BEF Highlanders might be bought if the project takes off.

Forged in Battle BEF Highlanders (photo Forged in Battle)

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  1. Lovely. Much nicer than the FOW offerings. Great brush work too.