Friday 30 March 2012

More Black Orcs

I've finished a second unit of Black Orcs for the summer WHFB2 project. This was a bit of a cheat in that the unit of GW plastics was already made up and painted by myself and Saul a couple of years back - I just didn't like them.

So I've replaced the banner and weathered the armour and metalwork so it is much more rusty than previous. I think the figures would have looked better (and been more fun to paint) if they'd worn fur as well as the plate armour.

Whatever, they are now done and will form a useful addition to the battle line...


  1. Great looking unit. That flag is particularly impressive.


  2. Great looking bunch of boyz!

    Do you not find that these guys are damn hard to rank up neatly with so many bits/ arms etc sticking out at all angles?

    1. Short answer - yes! :-) Horrid box set from that point of view,,,