Saturday 24 March 2012

I Liked It So Much I Bought The Company...

In a bit of a "I liked it so much I bought the company" moment, (wearing my Wessex Games hat) I bought the Urban Beat range of armed police and criminal types...

Ironically I have just realised that this is the second line of armed British police Wessex Games have, the ARU and CO19 joining the armed Victorian police Bill Thronhill sculpted us many moons back.


  1. I like those!

    How many are there in the range, is it just the 4?

    And when can I get them?

    (I might have to grab the Victorian Bobbies too...)

    1. There are thirty one figures in the range but I think there is a moulding problem with one. I'll post photos up on the WG Facebook page so you can see. I need to do a stock take to see what stock we ended up with (the purchase included no stock but a big pile was sent!)

  2. I trust you'll be turning two of the armed police into Nick Frost and Simon Peggs characters from Hot Fuzz? :P