Friday, 20 April 2012

Off To Salute...

I'll be off to Salute in a couple of hours. I started a father/son tradition of going up the night before and staying at the Crown Plaza at Docklands to avoid the early morning start and use up some of my hotel club points built up working away from home over the year. Tradition now dictates room service and an overpriced burger but it's a bit of fun! :-)

Watch out for this t-shirt!
For the first time in a while I am going without a shopping list which is potentially very dangerous as I could enter "ooh shiny" mode. I plan to check out the Scheltrum German Revolution range as I've always found the period fascinating and that might prove an unplanned expense. I will be on the lookout for 15mm Early War German infantry but am happy to leave this for the time being if I can't find what I like, no doubt I will check out the Perry Medieval cavalry and Mantic's new Project Pandora SF board game but really there isn't a dedicated plan. Terrain, I suspect, may be the main focus.

I will take the camera this year (it's sat on the tickets fully charged as is the Blackberry just in case) so expect one of my usual "movies" tomorrow or Sunday. I have taken the opportunity to commission some special show clothing so even if you don't recognise me as the mid-40 overweight balding bearded bloke (with lanky six foot tall teenager in tow) you'll recognise the t-shirt so please say hello! :-)


  1. "Ooh shiny" will definitely win out - succumb to the inevitable! Resistance is futile!

    if I see you there, I'll be sure to say "Hello!"

  2. I'll be on the look out.


  3. Have a great day (and enjoy the burger!)

  4. Have a good one :O)

    In gave up on Salute a couple of years ago..too big, too noisy, too many stormtroopers.

    I'm sure you'll have a great day though!

  5. I am so envious - have a great time!!!!

  6. I'll be there too! Just starting ACW so that could be bad!