Thursday 24 November 2011

A Little Light Reading (Rediscovered)...

The campaign to rescue the wargames room has been halted as SWMBO insisted on a mini-campaign to tidy up the study with one of the areas of spousal concern being some boxes of magazines buried under the desk! By and large this was my collection of Military Modelling magazine from 1978 to sometime at the end of the eighties but scattered amongst the Military Modelling's, Classic Rock magazines and copies of SFX were a number of wargames magazines, many short lived and now defunct.

These range from recent efforts such as Caliver's Battlefields from the mid-nineties, through Practical Wargamer and Wargames World to 1970's old school journals such as Battle for Wargamers, Wargamer's Newsletter and Miniature Warfare and Model Soldiers, as well as some largely unheralded efforts like the mid-eighties Esprit De Corps.

There have been comments from SWMBO about "culling" which are sending shivers down my spine (I think she means the magazines not me!). I think I have made the "right noises" about reviewing and scanning articles but I am hoping the recent investment in a few plastic storage boxes plus the sacrifice of some old SFX and role-playing magazines that I have no interest in should see the threat recede for the time being...

On a related magazine note some good news on the Battlegames front in that it has been rescued any will continue to be published by the same company that produces Miniature Wargames.


  1. I've got a few of these hanging around as well, its great to pick one up at random and have a flick through. A Cull!!!!! Ask SWMBO if she's willing to cull her shoe collection, of course make sure your at least 10 feet away from her at the time!!

  2. Some great (and irreplaceable resources) there mate - protect them at all costs!!!!

  3. Do not lose these! Mr Rousell's rejoinder about shoes is inspired!

    I am having similar issues with my wife about my Playboy collection. She doesn't object to the content just the space that they take up in my study (MY study)and she wants the space for copies of the childrens revision guides, school papers etc. The problem being that for the sixties and seventies at least you can only get six copies of the magazine in one box file and I have over 500 issues!

  4. I am in a similar position continually trying to sort through my huge collection of gaming and modelling magazines. The good news is that my attic must be one of the best insulated attics in the UK - packed as it is with hundreds of White Dwarf, loads of Finescale Modeller etc. etc.

    The issue I have is that they have such low resale value and when you come to e-bay them my logic is that I get more enjoyment out of them than the few pence they are going for.

    Sue is in truth very understanding and allows me to return from shows with arm-fulls of second-hand magazines but I know that I really should be more sensible.

    We are all hoarders at heart.


  5. Practical Wargamer would be one of the best. I think I have almost all of them. Like the others here I have a tendency to get into trouble with the boss over my mag' collection.