Tuesday, 24 May 2011

League of Nations Space Navy Troopers

With the imminent publication of Dick Garrison Rapid Launch!! I needed to get some of the "good guys" painted as well as the hero himself. Having painted the Khang Troopers red, the Silvenians green and the Ingians blue I decided to go for a more conservative dark grey and white scheme. I have added splashes of colour with gold/copper badges, blue 'power cells' on the weapons etc, so they don't appear too monochrome and am pleased with the overall effect.

The Bob Olley sculpted figures are from Wargames Supply Dump but I'm not sure of their availability as the WSD website has disappeared (I'll drop Roger an email and let you know). Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch as I'd forgotten what fun these figures were to paint and have Khang the Compassionless and some hawkmen undercoated on the workbench to work on alongside some more moderns...


  1. I like this colour scheme. well done.


  2. Hi

    Re Wargames Supply Dump website

    Sorry website is ready to go on line but just have a few problems to iron out - if anyone has any queries in the meantime please email me on: wsd50@yahoo.co.uk


    Roger Webb