Sunday 15 February 2009

Khanopian Troopers

Having painted up the Ignian troopers for The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison, I found myself still 'in the zone' painting wise and quickly moved the W.S.D. Khanopian's to the front of the workbench!

Hitting on the right colour scheme for these bad guys wasn't straight forward, but as I quite liked what Agis Neugebauer had done on his website and used this as an inspiration. As bad guys using a red-white-black scheme, which has suitably Germanic overtones, for the Khanopians works well, and I'm pleased with the final look.

Mike has started putting teasers about the rules and the scenarios on the WGPulp Yahoo group and this is the place to be if you want to know more about the forthcoming Dick Garrison game.


  1. Fantastic! Can we take it then that "The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison" will be fully illustrated? In colour even?

  2. The current intention is that it will be a full colour PDF rulebook - I'll look at the viability of a paper rulebook when Mike has sends in the final draft.

  3. Oh! :(

    Gotta say I'm no fan of PDFs and a full-colour one takes a LOT of ink to print! But then I'm just one customer...

    I'd love to see a full-colour ruleset, but would think twice about a purchase if it's just available as a PDF.

    Have you considered making the rules available through a POD service, such as

  4. Wargame Vault are looking to do that later in the year as an option for customers - I am planning to include b&w print friendly versions with full colour PDF's this year as we release new products.

  5. Thanks for the information, Steve, that's excellent news. Looks like I'll probably end up buying both the PDF *and* the POD version - you sly dog ;-)