Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Quar Blimey

I have (so far) resisted the lure of Zombiesmith's excellent alien Quar range but weakened this afternoon when I found the rules, This Quar's War, had been released in PDF format for just $10 at Wargame Vault. A few clicks later I was browsing through what is a truly original, exciting and innovative rulebook, chock full of excellent artwork and background. Boy, am I tempted to order some minis now...

This Quar's War is a company level game, around fifty plus figures a side, a smaller skirmish level game based on Ganesha's Flying Lead has been released under the title Songs Of Our Ancestors. Whilst I haven't tried Flying Lead, I do like the Songs of... series so will no doubt pick up a copy of this soon too.

It is often said there is little innovation in the hobby, especially fantasy & science fiction where more often than not products ape Tolkien or GW. This Quar's War demonstrates that innovation is alive and well and even if you will never get around to pushing a squad of these funny little aliens across a wargames table, you will get a lot of pleasure just reading This Quar's War and I heartily recommend splashing $10 on it today (personally I'd love to see the film!)


  1. I'm sitting on a full squad of ten Quar, with leader and specialist models that I'm never going to get around to.

    I'd be willing to trade, say, for a Fishman and a Formless Thing?

  2. I would if I hadn't painted the two fishmen and had a formless thing to swap...

  3. Fair enough, I thought you got the 'starter set' for some reason.

    I'd still do it for two painted Fishmen instead.