Friday 2 April 2010

Night Goblin Rock Lobba

At present it is all hands to the pump, painting up some Victorian ironclads for the game I am supposed to be running at Salute, but a man can only paint so many layers of white before his sanity goes...

For a change of pace I finished off this old Citadel Rock Lobba that I bought for my goblin army back in the eighties but never finished, so now will see service in Saul's night goblin army, the opfor that came with the Skull Pass boxed set.

Whilst not a night goblin fan, I really do like the models in the Skull Pass set as their robes reach the ground unlike the old boxed set. As the original crew had gone AWOL, I converted three of the night goblins from the set, two to carry fresh ammo and one to encourage them to load faster (for some reason - Tolkien I assume - I always like the idea of goblins being whipped!).

Back to the ironclads now (unless I get distracted by the Warlord Romans I picked up cheap on eBay...).


  1. Wow, awesome conversions! Simple but effective. Nice use of the old rock-lobber as well, brilliant model. I remember my friend had it when we were really young and I was incredibly jealous! I think it's actually an early 90's model!
    I look forward to seeing your LI game, I picked up some Indiana Jones toys that will make PERFECT Land Ironclads and Aeronefs too! So I expect Brigade will get a visit from me!!!

    Cheers fella, well done again,

  2. Not LI at Salute, something ending in 'nef!! :-)