Friday 23 April 2010

French Aquanef

Just finished the final three French aquanef. Like the British these were dropcast so aren't as sharp as they should be and don't have the stabiliser fins (I was going to add some plastic card ones and forgot - and the mast, doh!).

The design is quite modern looking but is based on the Peral and Gymnote, both C19th vessels.

The paint scheme differs from the smaller French models, I did try that pattern on these and they looked horrible so after looking at some pages of WW1 dazzle camo on the web I went with this disruptive pattern, similar to that used on some ships in the Great War.

I'm now ready to go (just awaiting delivery of the SFSFW leaflets - please join), grab a bite to eat and raid an ATM and we'll be off to London and hopefully will reach the hotel around 10pm.

If you are at Salute tomorrow, see you there, if you aren't I promise lots of photos...