Tuesday 1 September 2009

Dwarf Mining Convoy

In a spurt of enthusiasm resulting from painting up the Dwarf "Tin Man" Mining Machine I grabbed these three mining wagons off the shelf and painted them up over the weekend.

They have been sat around in an undercoated state for a little while as I lacked enthusiasm for any 28mm fantasy after a bit of burn out a year back.

The wagons come with the GW Dwarf Miners set, a great example of GW at their best for all the odds and sods they cram on the sprues (like the captured goblin in the cage). I'm not sure how manyBold wagons come in the box as Saul won the sprues these were on in a draw at the local GW. The model is based on the wagon that comes in the Skull Pass box set, although the wagon itself is open topped and empty and the horse has been slightly remodeled.

For these three I did some further work on the horses, adding bits and pieces, converting the manes so they all looked different and repositioning one leg. With the trucks I dropped in a rectangle of plastic card then built up a mound of filler before covering in sand and painting up as recently minded gold ore off to be smelted (or whaterever gold miners do).

I'm really pleased with the end result and they should allow for some fun ambush/convoy scenarios.


  1. You deserve to feel pleased with these as they look brilliant - well done. The ponies are especially nice.
    I hope you manage to get a game or two with these as objectives for defending/capturing.
    Best regards,

  2. Great stuff! I especially like the grey pony with the Elvis do! They would make for a great objective in any game!

    All the best!

  3. These are excellent!

    Would be good for a Panzerfauste Legion scenario too!
    Steal the Tainted Dwarven gold!

    As said by others, you should be really pleased with them. I'm actually a bit more tempted by the black reach set. I love the goblin models and there's a few bits and bobs I could add to my dwarf army.