Wednesday 15 July 2009

Silvelian Troopers

One of the major power blocs in Dick Garrison are the Silvelians who live on the forest world of Silvelia in canopy cities such as Disidia. The figures here are (of course) Wargames Supply Dump, sculpted by the amazingly talented Bob Olley and with green as the predominant colour did not take very long to paint up.

The miniatures are very nice, although the differences between the advancing and firing figures is very subtle and at first glance it looks like they are one and the same. The Prince Borain figure is a particular favourite of mine from the range and I enjoyed painting this one up with a grey goatee!

I'm not quite sure what to paint next, I'm waiting on Brigade for  a couple of pieces before I start the ONESS Germans so I might have a crack at the Falconmen from Aurelias... 


  1. Looking good - I particularly like the green you have used.


  2. Nice paint job Steve and a good reminder to me to pick up a set