Monday, 27 July 2009

1066 And All That...

Last month I mentioned in passing how we got somewhat carried away with Saul's Year 8 history project - build a Norman Castle (including flickering interior lighting in the main hall...).

Of course our 10mm scale epic fortress needed troops and I ended up buying a selection of Normans and Saxons from Magister Militum to man the battlements and try and storm the drawbridge...

Unlike the Kallistra 10mm fantasy figures (or GW's for that matter) these all came as individual figures which would allow you to mount them as you see fit and use them in command bases.

The quality was okay, they are not as good as GW or Kallistra (though this may be an unfair comparison as I haven't seen Kallistra's historicals yet) and the Saxons look like they have been sculpted by a different person than the Normans, as the latter are decidedly chunkier (not that you can really see that when they are on the wargames table).

SWMBO really got into the whole period historically and from knowing nothing more than something happened in 1066, she is now an expert on the lineage of the Saxon kings and who fits in where, who they married, remarried, gave birth to, killed etc. having read copious books including the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.

I'm not sure whether we will do anything more and expand the collection, though the Saxons do look nice and the thought of extending the shieldwall is very appealing (especially having half an eye on Kallistra's new Vikings which could do double duty in Hyboria).

Back in the present, Bleaseworld today has seen a lot of donkey work done including some pre-undercoat filling on my RFC planes, more basing work on the Tusk figures and trying to work out some Cimmerian cavalry units after I found the Kallistra barbarian sixteen pack included two horse archers leading me to want horse archer units (unfortunately they are not available separately).


  1. Those are looking really nice!

  2. Great looking army Steve, you really are a painting machine at the moment! Well Done!