Saturday 11 July 2009

Battle Picture Weekly

When I was a lad...

Popped into WHSMiths' yesterday to pick up the latest Simon Scarrow, Fire and Sword, and standing out of the comic stand was a logo from my dim and distant past - Battle Picture Weekly! A moment's excitement that this was a new weekly or monthly reprint edition was tempered slightly by the fact that this appears to be a one off "souvenir special" but it didn't stop me rushing to the till to buy it (and forgetting the Scarrow book which I had to go back and pick up today!).

Sixty-eight pages of D-Day Dawson, The Sarge, Major Eazy, Rat Pack, Johnny Red (and others) I was in pig heaven on Friday night and almost missed the last episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth. I'd forgotten just how well drawn the likes of The Sarge and Johnny Red were (got to do a Falcons unit for the Eastern Front). I am really pleased to note that following on from the success of the excellent Charley's War graphic novel reprints, Johnny Red is getting similar treatment very soon...

If you haven't experienced Battle before you should check out this special and them visit Best of Battle website to find out what happened next in many of the strips!

One the miniatures front I haven't been totally slovenly and decided I needed a 6mm break this weekend so started some 28mm Dick Garrison, 15mm SAS and 6mm VTOL's (I know I wanted a break but it was just two for the FSE...). Not sure what will get finished first as I am flitting between them...

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  1. Brilliant. I shall be out to get that tomorrow. I used to get Battle every week back when I was a kid. Total nostalgia-fest.